The Wholesome Healer community is about bringing together healing practitioners from all across the globe to share their healing modalities with those in need. Please feel free to scroll through the practitioners listed below and contact the ones that resonate with you. If you have any questions about connecting or if you would like to be listed below please email me:

Fran Santora – broken be4 bliss

I’m a mother to a fun energetic little boy (who keeps me pretty busy), an intuitive guidance reader (check out my facebook page; broken b4 bliss), empath, spiritual coach, and an Independent Consultant for Poofy Organics helping people on their journey in life.  I’m on a mission in life to help all families be the best and use the best quality products that are organic and free of toxic chemicals. I’m in love with Poofy and you know you will be too. Feel free to check out my products here:

Law of Attraction Session

As a spiritual coach, I specialize in the Law of Attraction. In a Law of Attraction session, I will reset your mind and your thinking patterns to change your life and put you on a better frequency. While working with me there will be a vibration activation that puts you on the right path in life.It’s all about you – your wants, your needs, your moods, your dreams

It’s all about you – your wants, your needs, your moods, your dreams.

Thank You to everyone that has had a session with me as much as I help you, you truly inspire me more and more to do this every single day.

Thank you all.

Much love, peace, and joy 💜

~ Fran