“Healing never decreases by being shared. This I know to be true. Collectively, by healing others, we can only get stronger. The new world of healing will be through quantum energy healing and holistic medicine. Not man-made prescription chemicals.”

~ Erica Krysta


From the youngest I could remember, I always communicated with Spirit(s), seeing and feeling the presence of the Divine within and around me. But during my teens and early twenties, I put Spirit on the back burner, ignoring messages, warnings, and guidance, while being consumed and conditioned by my relationships & society. I just wanted to be “normal.” I thought at the time what was happening to me was not “normal”, so I kept it a secret from many, except those very close to me. Until I was 30, when the Universe smacked me in the face and told me to wake up. I was blessed with an illness that would take me on a journey back to my true self, back to where I was meant to be, living my life’s purpose. I was devastated at the fact that at the beginning of this journey western medicine was incapable of leading me down a path of healing, only to saturate my physical body with as many prescription chemicals as possible to numb any sensation of existence. I knew deep inside this was not the answer. I knew that there was a better way. This is when the gifts became stronger. Spirit would awaken me in the middle of the night with messages to research parts of the body, cells, and medical terms unbeknownst to me for healing. I was desperate so I listened. To my surprise Spirit was right. Spirit once again led me down the right path. With this guidance and knowledge of Spirit, I was able to heal my life enough to get out of bed and to get to work. By helping others heal themselves, I believe that they will pass this knowledge on to heal their loved ones. My journey is only beginning, there is much more to come. I know with the guidance of Spirit and the Universe incredible miracles are before us.


Erica Krysta

Wholesome Healer

Erica Krysta, is a native New Yorker and a goddess of many modalities. With over 5 years as a certified holistic practitioner, specializing in Ayurveda & herbal medicine, to vedic astrologer, vagual nerve health (specifically Roemheld Syndrome), meditation (Creator of Divine Mind Meditation™), a 4 year Usui reiki master, medical intuitive, akashic record guide, and all around nature & animal lover – my dharma is to reach out with both arms wide open to help all heal their lives holistically.