I was an hour deep into a @lewis_howes podcast when I heard these words “You cannot heal what you don’t reveal.” ~Charlamagne Tha God. As I paused a moment to process what I just heard, the only word that came to mind was “WOW!” So much truth spoken in just a few words. Growing up being the 3rd child of 4 to a single mother, I pretty much learned to be independent, suck up my feelings, and keep my pain hidden from the world. I didn’t want to burden my mother (or anyone else) with my issues since she already had a million other fires to put out. Unfortunately, these pain suppressing traits stuck with me as I grew older. Growing up, being bullied, I absorbed the hurt sent my way and secluded myself to a life of solitude only allowing in a select few. By the time I was 20, I had several thriving businesses and trying to balance school life at the same time only contributed to more painful experiences sent my way. Several of my employees were older than I. The idea of having a boss who was 20 yrs old was too much to handle for them. On top of that, my younger employees disliked me because I couldn’t be their friend. I had to maintain a position of authority. I was kind but yet firm. To them, it was just a job. To me, it was my life’s savings, energy, sweat, tears (oh so many), and sleepless nights invested into this. I didn’t have much time for social events after classes, I had to run to the restaurants to cash out the daily drawers, run to bank, order inventory…etc. I didn’t have time for a social life! I didn’t even have time for sleep! Even though I had general managers at every location, I learned from a horrible experience…when the boss is not involved, failure is shortly nearby.  This mistrust was the beginning of many scars learned from the deceitful sharks of the business world. So, all of this lead to me harvesting all this pain and anxiety in my solar plexus; which I didn’t know then, this would accelerate an underlying lifelong degenerative digestive issues awaiting its grand entrance! As the years progressed, my success became greater but my health became weaker. Anxiety, panic, and physical pain consumed my every moment. My relationship with my boyfriend, friends, and family were all burdened by this pain buried deep inside me. By the time I was 28, I realized things had to change! And, NOW! The Universe helped with ending the relationship I was in for 10+years! (We were two different people. Our energies and vision of life changed.) I, finally, left the restaurant industry behind and started a new company. Rekindled relationships with family and friends. But, I felt something was still not right. The physical ailments and mental anguished remained. I was still suppressing my past pains and emotions. Then the fire really began. I started waking up every morning nauseous, feeling weak, lethargic, unable to eat solids, so I only drank liquids thinking this too shall pass. To, my dismay, that this too would become unbearable. That’s when I realized something was absolutely wrong here. Fast forward through the year of many western doctor appointments, exams, tests, medications, and sleepless nights in the hospital – I was feeling the awakening of something greater than the sickness within me. Something I put to sleep a long time ago. A deeper sense of the Universe, God, and the power of the Spirit. Through these magnificent energy forces, I dug deeper into my being, revealing to myself all these damaged experiences I suppressed. All the tears, fear, and misery I buried deep inside. God gave me the knowledge that if I didn’t heal these parts of me, they would eat me alive, so I began the glorious and not so glorious journey of healing myself. Meditation, yoga, visualization, eastern medicine, honoring body, listening to the divine signs around me, tears, and following my gut instinct lead me to my unraveling and healing from within. Putting my baggage out there was the best way to heal! No more hiding my pain. No longer allowing others to take advantage of my kindness. Not caring about who has judgments about me. And working through my fears has truly been a gift of healing. So that great day when I heard “You cannot heal what you don’t reveal,” was confirmation that not only was I on the right path but that I must continue doing what I am doing. ?